Ed Game Jam

Coming soon in 2018

48 Hours to create fun & educational games #EdGameJam

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The 2018 Orlando
Ed Game Jam

This is Orlando’s inaugural Educational Game Development Event,
Where we combine forces with Orlando’s amazing educational resources
with our region’s unique talent base in game development.

Ed Game Jam
A Game Jam is an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt, in a limited amount of time, to rapidly prototype a game (video or otherwise), and in this particular case focused on various educational challenges and goals to make learning fun.

We’re very excited to bring you the first ever Ed Game Jam. This is an opportunity to build with our talented peers here in Orlando where you can be part of a team, (or a lone wolf), charting a course to learning, fun and excitement.

Everyone is welcome to participate throughout the 48 hour Jam. We’re looking for artists, programmers, game designers, UI & UX designers, sound designers, musicians, makers, builders, film makers, writers, poets, interpretive dancers, people excited about games, people who like to eat pizza, and people like you. Please sign up, and get ready to jam!

So how does the event exactly work?

Well there is some method to this madness.

What kind of platform? What can we make?!

Here’s a few ideas but certainly not all.
Have More questions? Well of course you do, you’re an inquisitive person!
Click here for our awesome FAQ

Event Agenda

Get ready for an action packed 48 Hours. As we continue to plan, events are subject to change.

Friday - Oct 23rd
Saturday - Oct 24th
Sunday - Oct 25th

Friday - Oct 23rd

The night you chart a course for fun & excitement. Have an idea? pitch it. Heard an awesome idea? Join the team.
As is with most jams, remember to bring your own development gear.

6:30pm – Event begins with mingling, drinks and dinner
8:00pm – Event Intro & Keynote Talks
8:30pm – Game Pitches begin
10:00pm – Teams Assemble, Ideas Planned and Begin work
Midnight – Go Home!

Saturday - Oct 24th

The non-stop game building action remains non-stop, except for the times you have to stop for food and ask for help.

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:00pm – Lunch / Status Updates / Call for Help
6:30pm – Dinner
Midnight – Go Home!

Sunday - Oct 25th

The hard work hopefully looks like it is forming into something recognizable as fun. Success or failure, hopefully you learned something.
Tonight, you will present your team’s game concept for everyone to enjoy!

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:00pm – Lunch and Status Updates / Call for Help
5:00pm – Game Projects must be complete, Begin Project Uploads, Tech Checks for presentations over the projector
5:30pm – Dinner + play people’s games
6:30pm – Team Presentations Begin
8:00pm – Go Home

This is a highly collaborative event dedicated
toward creating fun, innovative & interesting games

Our 48-Hour Mission

Ed Game Jam is brimming with tech talent- you know it, we know it; it’s time to work together and let everyone else know it!
Our goal is to bring together people from various creative & technical fields to develop fun games that will help challenge our individual abilities. Our dream is that these same individuals find new ways to work together, form lasting relationships & that we bring a spotlight onto Ed Game Jam for our unique combinations of talent.
‘It was a lot of fun. I have no regrets… Thank you for helping to put this together, it was so much fun and it was nice learning new things I otherwise would not have concentrated on.’
K.M. 2016 Game Jam Attendee

Innovative & Interesting games
require a good combination of skills

Useful Skillsets

Overall the game jam weekend was an incredible success. The opportunity to bring developers from various jobs, schools, and technical backgrounds was truly valuable for me.
R.W. 2016 Game Jam Attendee

Are you ready to join in?

Food everyday, Working with awesome talented people, working on something cool, lasting connections & opportunities

The Organizing Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing you the greatest collaborative event possible.
(This isn’t our first trip to the game development rodeo!)

Josh Murdock

Josh Murdock

Valencia Professor /
Ed Game Jam Organizer
Dr. Peter Smith

Dr. Peter Smith

UCF Professor /
Ed Game Jam Organizer
Jack Henkel

Jack Henkel

UCF Venture Accelerator /
Co-Founder Indienomicon /
Ed Game Jam Organizer
Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel

CEO Phyken Media /
Co-Founder Indienomicon /
Ed Game Jam Organizer

Thanks to our partners for making this possible!

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Directions / Contact

 1800 South Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32811

Get your tickets & prepare for imminent fun!

This event is non profit, all ticket revenue goes towards providing food, drinks and general expenses of the event.

Very nice event. As far as game jams around town go, GGJ seems to be the Cadillac of jams. Both times I’ve attended we have been in a location with plenty of space, the events have been well attended and thus yielded plenty of opportunity for partnership, and I’ve been very pleased with the provided meals.
C.C. 2016 Game Jam Attendee